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Weekly Word – Free Devotional

Weekly Word – Free Devotional

Looking for a simple Lent devotional? Something easy to access that will help you be in the Word? Something to help you focus on God during Lent? Something to help you reset and renew?

I’ve got you covered.

The Weekly Word devotional focuses on ONE WORD each week. There is a reflection on the word, and a list of daily readings based on that week’s word.

Most readings are short, only a verse or two. The idea is to spend time in Scripture, and let it refocus your heart and mind.

Are you a doodler or a visual person? Do you have kids in your life?

Each Weekly Word has a coloring page for you to print and post. You can do this with children, or do it on your own just for fun. The practice of coloring and interacting with the words is a great tool for focus and memory. Post it somewhere visible to help you keep the word in mind all week.

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