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Stories for Equality: A Glimpse into 9 Different Journeys (by Sierra White)

Stories for Equality: A Glimpse into 9 Different Journeys (by Sierra White)

This post was written by Sierra White ( with contributions from 9 people, including myself. 

Since the summer of 2015 I have been fervently seeking out God’s heart for women – our roles in church, society, marriage, etc. I have studied Scripture, read blogs, listened to teaching from both sides of the argument and have come to the conclusion that it is God’s will for men and women to be equal. I believe equality is God’s best for men and women. This blog is not going to be a post about why I am an egalitarian – that will come eventually. This post is to share some stories from some amazing people who have discovered God’s heart for equality and invite you into their personal stories.

Over the last year I have spoken with many individuals about their journey into understanding God’s heart for equality for women and men. Many of them are women that have come out of severely oppressive backgrounds, some are men that understand God’s heart for women and the role women play in the Kingdom. Many of these individuals have come from oppressive religious backgrounds, some have come from homes where women serve men and where women are forced into roles based on the fact that they are women and should fulfill “womanly” roles and men are forced into roles simply because they are men and these are “manly” roles.

I asked some of them what their journey into “egalitarianism” has looked like. Here are some of their stories, experiences, thoughts. A couple names have been changed because the speaker would like to remain anonymous.

To read the accounts and the full post click here.

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