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To My Sisters, Keep Living

To My Sisters, Keep Living

To my sisters who have been told they are the weaker sex: You are strong beyond your wildest dreams. You are strong with the strength of an ezer, a rescuer, a force that lifts up and saves.

To my sisters who have been told they are only an accessory, a supporting role, a helper to the main characters: You are God’s story. You are the warriors, daughters, mothers, sisters, helpers, rescuers, healers, preachers, teachers, prophets, nurturers, and conquerors.

To my sisters who have been put down or kept in their place: Your place is wherever God leads you. You are not limited by the ideas of mere mortals, you are an heir of the King of Kings. You are gifted and called to take your rightful place as a child of God.

To my sisters who have been used and objectified: You are a glorious soul, a creation of God, a bearer of the image of the creator, unending, invaluable, immeasurable in your worth. You cannot be owned, and you are not to be used. Your savior has set you free.

To my sisters who feel invisible: You are seen. You are heard. You are held. You are known. You are loved by the one who knit you together, who loves you like a mother, who guards and protects you, and who refines and perfects you.

To my sisters who feel like they can’t take it anymore: Hold on, sister. Hold on. Because even the darkness passes with the morning. And even in the fire, God is there. You are not forgotten. Don’t give up your fight for what is good. Don’t give up on you. Because God never gives up on you. God gave everything for you. Hold on sister. I’m praying for you.

When the shadow of sin fell over the earth, sisters, it fell on everything, and it fell on you. But when the light of Christ came into the world, the darkness trembled, sisters. The shadows ran.

Turn your face to the light. Live in it. Feel it on your skin. Let it warm your soul. Because you are beautiful. You are powerful. You are valuable. You are free. You are an heir to the kingdom, a daughter of the King. Hold your head high, and straighten your glistening crown. Step boldly into your calling. Let the light of your savior fill you, and burst forth from you. Life is in the light.

Live, sisters. Keep living. And watch the shadows flee.

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