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Pursue Biblical Womanhood

Pursue Biblical Womanhood

I heard that good Christian women should focus on pursuing Biblical womanhood. So I turned to the Bible to see what a Biblical woman looks like.

I saw:

Tamar, a woman who was bold enough to pursue justice for herself after being mistreated and rejected at the hands of men, and who boldly called out the one who had wronged her.

Shiphrah & Puah, the Hebrew midwives who defied the King of Egypt and spared the lives of countless baby boys.

Miriam, the bold sister of one of those baby boys, who arranged for his own mother to nurse him, after his life was saved by the daughter of the king. That baby then grew up to lead the captive Israelites to freedom, along with Miriam, a prophetess, playing music and praising God.

Zipporah, a woman who powerfully stepped up and protected her husband, Moses, interceding on his behalf before God, and saving his life in her wisdom and boldness

Rahab, a woman who was wise enough to see where God was working, and to protect God’s people, saving not only the Israelite spies, but herself and her entire family as well.

Deborah, a judge and military ruler, who saved Israel from destruction through her wisdom and military skill, also the only judge in the Bible who does not have one negative word written about her.

Jael, a woman who ultimately killed the enemy of Israel by driving a tent peg through his temple.

Ruth, a woman who was so dedicated to God, and to God’s law that she gave up everything to pursue both. She put herself at risk, and called out a respected man in the community to step up to his responsibility. She stepped out in faith, even going so far as to propose marriage to fulfill God’s promise of redemption.

Hannah, a woman who was unable to conceive, who boldly cried out to God, who made a vow, and made decisions regarding her family and child. And whose very words of prayer are given the authority of scripture.

Abigail, a woman who took matters into her own hands, boldly intervened on behalf of her foolish husband, and directed God’s anointed king away from needless bloodshed, saving all the men of her household.

Huldah, a woman who was a prophetess of God, sought out by the King of Israel when he wanted to learn how to worship God!

Esther, a woman so bold that she broke the law and dared to use her power and position to appear before the king uninvited. She used her wisdom and influence to save the entire nation of Israel.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, who accepted the most daunting calling of God that a young woman could have received, without hesitation, and without permission from any of the men in her life. She boldly conceived, bore, and raised the Messiah.

Mary Magdalene, a woman who was a faithful disciple of Jesus, following his ministry, and who was the very first person to see Jesus alive after the resurrection, and also the very first person commissioned by Jesus himself to tell the apostles and the world about his resurrection! She was the first preacher and evangelist ever in the church.

Mary of Bethany, a disciple of Jesus, who boldly claimed her place learning at his feet.

Martha, Mary’s sister, who boldly approached Jesus upon the death of her brother Lazarus, and made a profound statement of faith in his identity as Lord!

Priscilla, a woman who, along with her husband, ministered with the apostle Paul, risked their lives for him, and also taught theology to Apollos.

Lydia, a wealthy and successful business woman who led her household to be baptized, and who hosted Paul and Silas in her home church.

Tabitha, a disciple of Jesus who was so respected and revered for doing good and helping the poor, that when she died, the believers sent for Peter to raise her from the dead!

Phoebe, a deacon of the church, and a benefactor of many people, including the apostle Paul.

These are just some of the examples of Biblical womanhood. Among many others, these women stand out as bold, strong, wise, discerning, anointed, courageous, and faithful. They disobeyed kings, defied rulers, led armies, overcame enemies, spoke prophecies, accepted callings, and led nations, and churches in the name of God.

This is what Biblical womanhood looks like. It is a call to action, to strength, and to purpose. It is a road traveled by prophets, warriors, disciples, and leaders who have gone before us, women who have not let anyone but God define who they are and to what they are called! So pursue Biblical womanhood. Real Biblical womanhood, full of the grit, and strength, and the calling God has given you.

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4 thoughts on “Pursue Biblical Womanhood

  1. I greatly admire Vashti. She stood up for herself and help to her values, which was a lot more than most of the kings of Israel did. She lost all she had in the process. Most people condemn her, some because she “didn’t obey her husband,” but she is good example of what to do when a husband tells a woman to do something outside God’s will. Some say that she was a coward, and didn’t trust God, but I think she was a very brave woman. We hardly know anything about her, but she made the way for Esther.

    1. I agree! Vashti was bold and stood up for herself! Another powerful move by a Biblical woman. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! There are so many great stories of Biblical women and their world changing callings!

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