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7 Ways To Practice Gender Equality In Your Church (via The Junia Project)

7 Ways To Practice Gender Equality In Your Church (via The Junia Project)

If you’re not following The Junia Project, you should check it out!

It’s a great resource for encouraging the leadership and equality of women in the church and home.

My most recent blog post is up at The Junia Project blog:
7 Ways To Practice Gender Equality In Your Church

Here’s a sneak peek.

At times I have been frustrated by the number of churches that claim egalitarian theology, but are not actually practicing it. I’ve been overwhelmed by example after example, and feeling like the church as a whole would never get anywhere. Then a pastor encouraged me to focus on churches that are doing it well instead, and to use those examples as encouragement to others. These churches are out there, and they are doing amazing things!

One example is a three year old church in Massachusetts. Highrock North Shore (part of the Evangelical Covenant Church*) which values all types of diversity, and aims to represent, encourage, and embrace people of diverse ages, ethnicities, and genders.  According to Associate Pastor Brynn Harrington, “We believe that who and what we put on stage communicates who and what we value.”

So I offer Highrock North Shore as an encouragement to those of us striving to preach, teach, and live biblical gender equality in our churches. The associate pastor has given me a lot of insight into the ways a church can be faithfully egalitarian, and do it well!

Here are 7 ways this church makes a visible and active effort to support the leadership of women:

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